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Travel Limits Garage Opener-Black/Purple Button

Posted on July 11, 2015 at 7:45 PM

Instructions for programming and adjusting the travel limits for LiftMaster, Chamberlain Garage Door Opener with black and purple program buttons located on the motor head near the wire terminals and control panel. Security+ Models include 3800, RJO, 3850 battery back up unit, belt drive, 3595 3/4hp chain drive and similiar openers using this technology. Also some Craftsman garage door opener models.


Adjust the position of the door by using the black and purple buttons. Black moves the door up (open), and purple moves the door down (close). Start your programming with the door in the closed position.


  1. Press and hold the black button until the yellow indicator light begins to flash slowly then release.
  2. Press and hold the black button until the door reches the desired up (open) position.
  3. Push the remote control or wall control. This sets the up (open) limit and begins closing the door.
  4. When the door begins to move down, immediately press and release either the black or purple button. This will stop the door.


  1. Press and hold the purple button until the door reaches the desired down (close) position.
  2. Once the door is closed, if there appears to be too much pressure on the door, you may toggle the door back and forth using the black and purple buttons to reach the desired close position.
  3. Push the remote control or the wall control button. This sets the down (close) limit and should bring the door to the open position.

If the door is not stopping where you would like it, repeat these steps and program the limits again. Also consider re-setting the force adjustments.

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