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Feel free to browse our inventory of LiftMaster Brand Garage Door Openers. Whether you are looking for the basic opener or something more sophisticated. Battery back-up units, cell phone and computer compatible units. Screw drive, 3/4hp chain drive, 1/2hp belt drive and jack shaft operators are all  available at your local dealer. Fast, friendly service. Quality parts that last. Awesome prices! Experienced technicians take the extra time to make sure your new product is operating correctly and that you are fully satisfied with your new unit. ASK US ABOUT PRICE MATCHING.

GS Overhead Systems Supplies and Installs all LiftMaster Brand Garage Door Openers. Be assured that your new investment will be professionally installed and backed with a full manufacturers warranty, along with our extended service guarantee. We take time to negotiate and find the perfect opener for your garage door system. Call & schedule your install today...415-883-3992
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LiftMaster Professional Line Openers

You can stay connected to your home wherever you go via your smart-phone, tablet or computer. MyQ enables you to manage, monitor and control everything from lights to garage door openers and beyond-anytime, and from anywhere. When you add the LiftMaster Internet Gateway to your garage door opener. (Model 828LM)

8500W - LiftMaster DC Batter Backup Wall Mount WiFi Garage Door Opener. Space saving design opens up the ceiling. Ultra quiet design eliminates vibrations through the ceiling. The included automatic garage door lock (841LM) secures your home automatically. Built in WiFi makes it easy to connect the opener with your smart device. Receive alerts and open and close the garage door from anywhere with the MyQ app. Remote LED light mounts anywhere in the garage to brightly light the way. Storm proof power with integrated battery backup (481LM). Smart control panel (880LMW). Heavy lifting power. Lifetime motor warranty 5 year parts and 1 year on battery.

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LM-8500 - Wall Mount Garage Door Opener   Exclusive wall mount design offers a cleaner appearance, freeing the garage ceiling of hanging operator, rail. Design allows for installation in garages with cathedral or obstructed ceilings. MyQ control panel. Timer-to-close feature. Motion detecting feature. Security+ 2.0 virtually eliminates interference. Power Lock deadbolt. The remote light lets you light your garage wherever it is needed. Additional remote lights available.
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WLED - LiftMaster DC Belt Drive Battery Backup LED WiFi Garage Door Opener. MyQ technology now with built in Wi-Fi. Corner to corner lighting in your garage with built in long lasting LED lights. Ultra quiet dc motor and soft start/stop ensure smooth operation. Optional automatic garage door lock. Storm proof battery backup (481LM). Smart control panel (880LMW). PosiLock. Timer-to-close. Motion detector. Safety sensors. Security+ MyQ enabled. Energy efficient. Lifetime motor and 5-year parts warranty….
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8550WLB - LiftMaster DC Belt Drive Battery Backup with Wi-Fi. My Q technology enables secure monitoring and control of your garage door opener with a smartphone, tablet or laptop. DC motor belt drive system combines a strong pulling force with a steel reinforced belt to lift heavy doors while delivering power, ultra quiet performance. Liftmaster motors provide proven reliability and durability. Dependable warranty includes lifetime coverage of motor and 5 years on parts. Security+ 2.0 timer to close, alert to close warning system, motion detector, safety sensors emit an invisible light beam across the garage opening automatically reversing the door if an object interrupts the beam. Automatic garage door lock capable.

8550W - LiftMaster DC Battery Backup Belt Drive Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener.

The LiftMaster 8550 has improved with built in Wi-Fi. Liftmaster motor for power and durability. DC motor belt system for quiet performance. Battery backup, Lifetime warranty on belt and motor. 5 years on parts. 1 year battery & accessories warranty. Includes smart control panel model 880LM for easy programming. LCD display and menu enable simple adjustment of settings. Security+ 2.0 & infra red eyes for safety. Posi-Lock system, alert to close, and motion sensor. Additional keyless entry and ad on available for ease of access usability.DC

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8360WLB -  LiftMaster DC Battery Backup Chain Drive WiFi Garage Door Opener. MyQ technology. DC Motor by LiftMaster with posi-lock system..Energy efficient Lifetime warranty on motor. Security+ 2.0 remotes, alert to close, protector system safety cameras with the 882LM multi-function wall console with motion detector. This unit is rugged, reliable with powerful performance with integrated battery bckup (481LM). Now with built in WiFi and optional automatic lock.

$595.00 Installed.

8360W - Liftmaster DC Battery Backup Capable Chain Drive with WiFi & battery backup capable, Secure and Reliable. Get in your garage every time, even when the power is out. Energy Efficient. Industrial strength chain drive system provides steady performance and lifting power. Lifetime motor warranty. Safety sensors. Security+ 2.0. Battery backup. MyQ Motion Detecting Control Panel. Alert-2-close. PosiLock System.
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8160WB - LiftMaster Contractor Series Opener - DC Chain Drive. MyQ Battery Backup.

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